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Outdoor Systems

LED Digital Outdoor signs will enhance any school, business, park, police department or church message to the fullest potential. We offer many different LED colors as well as base mounting options. View our outdoor gallery to see some examples that may suit your business' needs.


Just hang and plug! Maintenance free PowerSmart™ LED indoor signs will illuminate your business to attract customers from distances that you never thought you could achieve. The signs are all UL / CUL approved and low energy!

Solar Technology

LED Solar Technology solar-powered traffic control equipment is the undisputed quality leader for traffic safety on the road today. Our philosophy of excellence in design, manufacturing, and customer service results in products that provide the best performance and reliability available.

Millennium Visual Systems produces PowerSmart™ LED Signs, the brightest fixed image signs you’ve ever seen! Each PowerSmart™ sign can flash or remain constantly on. Images include OPEN, Pizza, Drive Thru OPEN, ATM and OPEN 24 HRS. If you’d like the ability to program a message, please see our Electronic Programmable Indoor LED Displays.

Millennium Visual Systems offers a variety of displays in different sizes and colors. We maintain an inventory of standard models. If a Custom Outdoor LED Display is what you seek, simply provide us with some basic project information and our expert staff will suggest alternatives for you.

Millennium Visual Systems also produces the brightest Window Displays you’ve ever seen! We offer a variety of technologies for customizing your design, message, logo or POP Display.

Outdoor LED Display
Outdoor LED Display
Outdoor LED Display